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Using the Wholesale Customer Utilities

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The Wholesale Customer Utilities button on the Wholesale Customers menu advances you to the Wholesale Customer Utilities menu. Use this menu to change the special tax rate. This allows you to replace one tax rate with another tax rate. The system will find each wholesale customer file that has been assigned the old rate and replace the rate with the new rate you specify. This saves you the trouble of having to manually edit each customer’s file. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Special Inventories. The Special Inventories & Maintenance menu opens.


Step 2. Select Wholesale Customers. The Wholesale Customers menu appears.


Step 3. Click Wholesale Customer Utilities. The Wholesale Customer Utilities menu opens.


Step 4. Click the Global Change Special Tax Rates button. The Global Change Special Tax Rates box opens to the right of the button.

Step 5. Type the original tax rate in From Rate.

Step 6. Type the new tax rate in To Rate.

Step 7. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to change the rate.

Step 8. Click Exit to return to the Wholesale Customers menu.



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