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Pulling Wholesale Customer Information from the Accounting Module

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Use the Enter/Edit Customer Information button on the Wholesale Customers menu to enter wholesale customers. If you are integrated with the Autosoft DMS Dealership Accounting module, you can access the accounts receivable customer information entered into the system. All you have to do is enter any additional wholesale information. If you are not integrated with Autosoft DMS Dealership Accounting, you will have to manually enter the wholesale customers. 

If you are integrated with the Dealership Accounting module, pull customer information by following these steps: 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Special Inventories. The Special Inventories & Maintenance menu opens.


Step 2. Select Wholesale Customers. The Wholesale Customers menu appears.


Step 3. Select Enter/Edit Customer Information. The Customer Information screen opens. 


Step 4. In Customer Number, type the customer number.

You can also search for a customer by clicking List. Press the letter on your keyboard that corresponds to the first letter of the customer’s last name/prominent name. A list of customers whose name begins with that letter appears. Use the tabs at the top of the list to view Parts Customers Only or All Customers. Click the customer from the list whose information you want to view. The customer’s information fills in on the screen.

Step 5. Enter any additional information.

Step 6. The fields in the Purchases box appear based on the operating parameters set in the Dealership Accounting module. If the Accounting Department restricts the Parts Department from having access to the accounts receivable balances, these fields will not appear on this screen. The system automatically updates the fields at the bottom of the screen as sales and payments are posted to the customer’s account.

Step 7. The Account Balance fields in the Purchases box display the account balance and break the balance into the appropriate aging categories.

Step 8. Click Save to save the information.


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