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Understanding Supersession Files

Autosoft -

A supersession file holds a list of parts that have changed from one part number to another. The process begins after you successfully complete the Parts Price Tape download at the beginning of the month (Setup & Updates>Price Tape Updates>Update To Manufacturer’s Price Tape). After the update, the Parts Manager must decide whether to print the “Print Number Changes From Last Price Tape” list or the “Print Price & Number Changes From Price Tape” list. Both of these lists will provide a list of part numbers that have changed and provide the parts manager the opportunity to decide the next course of action for those parts that have changed numbers.

Then, the Parts Manager will need to process the supersession information using the Parts Number Change menu (Setup & Updates>Part Number Changes). The first three buttons on this menu allow changes to the parts individually. The Move ALL Data From Changes On Last Tape option allows you to process all the supersession information for all the changed parts at one time instead of having to review each part number and change it individually. This process flags the superseded parts with a stock status of C

For Chrysler dealers who participate in the ARO program, the ARO adds all parts with a stock status of C and an on-hand quantity of 0 (zero) to a list. This list of parts is sent in the Supersession file to ARO through Autosoft. When this file is missing or corrupted, Mopar will contact you for resolution.

When you update from price tapes and there is a change in a part number, the system displays a message to inform you the part number has changed. Click OK to acknowledge this message.


The system displays a red Click Here to View History box to the left of the From field. The To field displays the new part number. 


When you click the Click Here To View History box (or press F7), the system displays the supersession history for the part.


To view information for a part in the supersession history, click the part in the list, and click Select. The Master Inventory screen will display the part information.


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