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Understanding the Master Inventory Screen

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The Master Inventory screen allows you to view and manage inventory information. This screen pulls information from your inventory files and the current price tape. Use the Master Inventory screen to add parts to your inventory, view information for parts that have already been added to the inventory, or view information from the current price tape. 

Note: If the part number you add does not have a list price or has a $0 list price, a red flag message displays when adding the part to the Parts Queries, Counter Parts Sales, Service R/O Parts, Customer Quote, and (Service Quotes) Add Parts screens, alerting you that the list price was either omitted or calculated. When you complete the entry line, the part appears in the parts list with it's List price in white, highlighted in red.


When you open this screen, you will enter a part number in the Part field. If the part is in the inventory or on the price tape, the part information is displayed on the screen. If the part is not in the inventory or on the price tape, the screen will not display any information. Instead, the cursor will advance to the Bin field, and you will have to manually add the part information. 

Important:  The Master Inventory screen has a "time out” feature that automatically closes the screen if the screen remains idle for five minutes. This means that if the screen is open but no activity is taking place on the screen (no information is being added), the system closes the screen after five minutes and returns you to the Parts Inventory menu. This feature helps to prevent file lockout. Once a file is open on one computer, it cannot be accessed from another computer. Therefore, this feature helps regulate access to inventory files in the event users walk away from their desk or tend to other tasks while an inventory file is open on their screen. 


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