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Viewing Parts in a Specific Bin List

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Use the View Bin button on the Master Inventory screen to view and print a list of the parts in a specific bin. If you click a part in the bin list, the part information is displayed on the Master Inventory screen. The screen will hold the last bin list displayed until you exit the Parts Inventory module. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Master Inventory.

Step 2. Type the part number in the Part field. You can search for a part by entering a partial part number and clicking Search. The system will search for the first occurrence of this number. Click the arrows on each side of the Search button to scroll through the part numbers.

Step 3. The part information populates the screen.


Step 4. Click View Bin. The View Parts For Bin screen appears.


Step 5. Type the bin number you want to view. If the number is less than three characters long, you must press ENTER.

Step 6. The screen displays a list of the parts in this bin. You can click any column header to sort the list based on that column. If the part list does not fit on the screen, use the scroll bars to scroll through the list. 


Step 7. By default, the list includes all parts in the bin. Click Remove Zero O/H to remove parts from the list that have an on-hand quantity of 0 (zero). The button turns yellow to indicate this is the display option.  Click Show Zero O/H to include these parts in the list again. The button turns yellow to indicate this is the display option.

Step 8. Click the part you want to select. The part information is displayed on the screen.


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