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Merging Auxiliary Price Tapes

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The Merge Auxiliary Price Tapes button on the Price Tape Update menu advances you to the Auxiliary Price Tape Update menu. When the menu opens, you are reminded that you can use the F5 key to change the inventory source. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

The Auxiliary Price Tape Update menu is used to run an auxiliary update to merge any supplemental disks to the price tape files. If you receive more than one disk, you must merge all of the disks before updating your inventory.   

The installation of subsequent OEM parts pricing files overwrites any existing parts pricing files for the source, including any supplemental data that had been merged. After installing and updating a parts pricing update, you should reload the latest supplemental pricing disk.

To merge auxiliary price tapes, follow these steps:


Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory menu.

Step 2. Click Price Tapes Updates. The Price Tape Updates menu appears.


Step 3. Select Merge Auxiliary Price Tapes. The Auxiliary Price Tape Update menu opens.


Step 4. Place the supplemental disk in the appropriate drive.

Step 5. Select the option below that corresponds to the type of supplemental disk you need to merge:

Merge Ford Reman Supplement Disk To Current Source: Use this button only when you receive an authorized Ford parts re-manufacturer supplement disk with files in a compatible format the system can read.   

Merge Supplement Disk To Current Source OEM Tape: Use this button when you receive pricing information on a disk that must be added to the existing OEM price tape files. These updates generally come with their own supplemental instructions. This option only merges the pricing information to the tape file; it does not affect the pricing for parts currently in your inventory. You will need to use the Update To Manufacturers Price Tape button if you want to transfer the new information to the master inventory files. 

Step 6. Type the drive letter and path for the supplemental disk. The field defaults to A, but you can edit the field as needed.  

Step 7. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to update the price tape.



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