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Printing Price Tape Reports

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The four “print” buttons on the Price Tape Update menu allow you to print update reports. Each report provides different information about the parts on the price tape updates and the parts in your inventory. Use the reports to ensure your inventory records are correct. You have the option of viewing the report on your screen or printing the report. 

To access these print options, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory menu.

Step 2. Click Price Tapes Updates. The Price Tape Updates menu appears.


Step 3. Select the print options listed below to print price tape reports: 

Print Number Changes From Last Price Tape
Once you update the price tape to your inventory, use this button to print a list of the latest supersessions that have been made by the manufacturer. Use this list to crossreference the old part numbers with the new part numbers.  

Print Price & Number Changes From Price Tape
Use this button to print a list of all of the changes that occurred during the price tape update. Please be aware that this can be a lengthy report. 

Print Parts Not Updated By Tape
Use this button to print a list of the parts that were not updated by the price tape update. The report will list the part numbers in your Master Inventory that are not in the current parts pricing files. These files require your attention to ensure the pricing information is correct.  

Print Summary Of Inventory Value Change
Use this button to print a summary of the total inventory value changes from the parts price update. This allows you to track the appreciation or depreciation of your inventory because of the price changes. This may be useful to the Accounting Department so the necessary value adjustments can be made to the dealership’s books. 

Step 4. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select To Printer to print the information or To Screen to view the information on your screen.

Step 5. Once you select your print type, click Print.

Tip:  Once you've updated the price tape and run the price tapes reports, you should also print an “Advanced Notice of Supersession” report. This report will include parts that have been flagged with the Return Code *. This report will only be useful if your manufacturer identifies parts on the price tape as “Last Time Returnable.” The report provides a starting point for your next parts return.

Step 1. On the Parts Inventory main menu, click Reports.

Step 2. Click Returns-Excess-Movement.

Step 3. Click List Parts with Return Code.

Step 4. Leave * as the default code.

Step 5. Type the dollar amount you want to use as the limit for the report.

Step 6. Type the number of days you want to use as the cut-off point, or leave the field blank.

Step 7. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.



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