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Performing Monthly Price Tape Updates

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When you're ready to update your price tape each month, begin by using the Parts Pricing Updates From The Web button on the Price Tape Update menu to access parts pricing updates from the web. Updates are available to you on the first day of each month (or the first day of each quarter for quarterly dealers). When the download is complete, you will need to update the inventory files using the Update to Manufacturer’s Price Tape button.

Important:  All workstations must be out of the Parts Inventory and Service Writing modules during the price tape update.

Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory menu.

Step 2. Click Price Tapes Updates. The Price Tape Updates menu appears.


Step 3. Click Parts Pricing Updates From The Web.

Step 4. Read the agreement, and click I Agree to accept the terms. (You must accept the terms in order to continue. If you click Close, the price tape update is aborted.)


Step 5. The system will connect to a secure site. The left side of the screen displays a list of the available price tapes based on the inventory sources you have set up in your Parts Inventory setup. Click the price tape you want to download. 

Step 6. Click Download to begin downloading the price tape. The download may take several minutes.

Important:  If you receive an error that indicates the system was unable to get exclusive access to the price tape, click OK to acknowledge the message. Leave the screen at the Install prompt. Do not click Cancel on the install screen. If you click Cancel, you will have to download the price tape again. The error means that there is a workstation in the Parts or Service module. You must find the user and make him or her exit the program. When the user is out, you can click Install to continue the price tape installation.

Step 7. When you see a message that reads, “Price tape successfully installed,” click Close.

Step 8. Click Close on the Parts Pricing Update screen.

Step 9. The system reminds you to update your inventory. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

Step 10. The system returns you to the Parts Inventory main menu.

Step 11. Click Setup & Updates.

Step 12. Click Price Tape Updates to return to the Price Tape Update menu.

Step 13. Update the price tape to your inventory. (See “Updating To the Manufacturer’s Price Tape” for instructions.)


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