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Updating To the Manufacturer’s Price Tape

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Once you download the manufacturer price tape from the web, use the Update To Manufacturer's Price Tape button on the Price Tape Update menu to update the price tape information to your inventory. All Parts and Service workstations must be out of the system while the update is running.

Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory menu.

Step 2. Click Price Tapes Updates. The Price Tape Updates menu appears.


Step 3. Select Update To Manufacturer’s Price Tape.

Step 4. The system prompts you to change the inventory source if necessary. Click OK to acknowledge the message and use the F5 key to select the source as needed.

Step 5. The OEM Price Tape Update screen opens. Verify the information in each field. The information is pulled from the defaults set using the Default Tape Parameters button on the System Setup & Updates menu. Change the information as needed.


Note: Parts numbers with a list price calculated by the default price tape parameters will trigger a red flag message alerting users that the list price was either omitted or calculated when the parts numbers are entered in the Parts Queries, Counter Parts Sales, Service R/O Parts, Customer Quote, and (Service Quotes) Add Parts screens. When you complete the entry line for these parts on these screens, the part appears in the parts list with it's List price in white, highlighted in red.

Step 6. Click Update Now.

Step 7. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to run the update.

Step 8. When the update is complete, the system displays a prompt reminding you to print the inventory changes reports. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

The system returns you to the Price Tape Update menu.


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