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Understanding Price Tape Updates

Autosoft -

Periodically, manufacturers release price tapes that contain updated part information. Because prices and part numbers change frequently, the information in your Master Inventory may not be current. When you enter an OEM part number that is not in your inventory, the program pulls the information from the price tape files. If the part number is in your inventory, the system will not look at the price tape. Therefore, it is necessary to compare your inventory with the new price tape to ensure your inventory information is updated with the newest changes. 

When Autosoft, Inc. receives the price tape from the manufacturer, Autosoft posts the price tape on its website so dealers can download the price tape. Updates are available to you on the first day of each month (or the first day of each quarter for quarterly dealers). You use the Price Tape menu to download the price tape and to update the price tape to your current inventory.


The only requirement to use the Web Price Tape Updates is a high-speed Internet connection.


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