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Editing a Part File when Incepting BIN Parts Inventory

Autosoft -

Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory main menu.

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Maintenance on the left side of the System Setup & Updates menu. 


Step 3. The Miscellaneous File Utilities menu opens. Select Inventory Inception.


Step 4. When the Inventory Inception menu appears, the system prompts you to verify you are in the correct source. You must incept the inventory for each source separately, so verify you are in the correct source. Click OK to acknowledge the message. If you need to change the source, press the F5 key to display the OEM Parts Source list, and click the source you want to select.

Step 5. The Inventory Inception menu appears. Select Incept From A Physical BIN List. Remember, you must choose to enter your inventory using only one of the options; you cannot use both of them.


Step 6. The Incept From Bin Count menu opens. Select Enter Physical Inventory


Step 7. The Incept From BIN COUNT screen appears.


Type the bin number in the Bin Location field. 

Step 8. In the Part field, type the part number for the part you want to edit. You can also enter a partial part number.

Step 9. Click Search. Information for the first part that matches the numbers you entered populates the screen.

Step 10. Click the arrows on each side of the Search button to scroll through the parts files.

Step 11. Click in a field, and edit the information as needed.

Step 12. Click Save to save the changes.


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