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Preparing to Enter the Parts Inventory

Autosoft -

First, decide which type of inventory inception you want to use. Both are similar, but each is tailored for the entry of specific source information. Nonetheless, each inventory inception is easy to use.

Ensure that you have collected all the necessary part information. The minimum information required for the inception is the Part Number, Bin Location, Shelf, Drawer, and On-hand Quantity. All other information is optional and can be entered as it is available or as time permits. 

You have the option of entering 12-week sales information, the last sale date, and last stocking date for each part. The sales and stocking history are used to generate part orders and to analyze your inventory for part returns. The system accumulates its own history from day-to-day use, but it will take two to three months before a reliable stock order can be generated and at least six months of history is needed for an accurate part return list.

Remember, you can only incept the inventory once. Entries can be made from multiple workstations, but only one workstation may be in the system during the update. All other users must be completely out of the system until the update is complete. You should perform a backup before updating the inventory as a precaution in case an error occurs during the update.


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