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Adding a New Part Using the Inception From Parts PAD Screen

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Use the Enter Parts PAD Inventory button on the Incept From Parts PAD menu to enter the parts files. You may exit the screen and continue to add parts files later as long as you do not update the inventory files to the Master Inventory.

Step 1. Click Setup & Updates on the Parts Inventory main menu.

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Maintenance on the left side of the System Setup & Updates menu. 


Step 3. The Miscellaneous File Utilities menu opens. Select Inventory Inception.


Step 4. When the Inventory Inception menu appears, the system prompts you to verify you are in the correct source. You must incept the inventory for each source separately, so verify you are in the correct source. Click OK to acknowledge the message. If you need to change the source, press the F5 key to display the OEM Parts Source list, and click the source you want to select.

Step 5. The Inventory Inception menu appears. Select Incept From A Parts PAD. Remember, you must choose to enter your inventory using only one of the options; you cannot use both of them.


Step 6. The Incept From Parts PAD menu opens. Click Enter Parts PAD Inventory


Step 7. The Inception From Parts PAD screen appears.


In Part, type the part number, and press ENTER. If the part is on the price tape, the part information automatically fills in on the screen.  If the part is not on the price tape, manually enter the information.

Step 8. The Name field displays the name/description of the part. If no name fills in, type a description.

Step 9. If a new part number is available on the price tape, it appears in the Change To field.

Step 10. The Return field displays the return code for the part. If the part is not on the price tape, type the return code for this part. Typical entries are R for returnable, N for non-returnable, or * for last time returnable.

Step 11. In Bin, type the bin number for the part you are entering. Do not include the shelf or drawer. The field can contain up to three characters. Although the bin is usually numeric, ranging from 1 to 999, this field can contain alpha characters to accommodate special locations other than bins.

Step 12. In Shelf, type the shelf location within the bin where the part is located. The shelf is usually an alpha character (A to Z).

Step 13. In Drawer, type the drawer location within the bin and/or shelf where the part is located. This field can contain up to four characters, and the entry can be made up of both alpha and numeric characters.

Step 14. In On Hand, type the quantity in stock. This is the current quantity in stock from your pad. Changes in the on-hand quantities because of sales and restocking after the pad was sent in should be made after the inception is complete.

Step 15. Use the 12-Weeks Sales field to record the quantity of this part you sold within the last 12 weeks.

Step 16. In Last Sale, type the date when the part was last sold.

Step 17. In Last Stock, type the date when the part was last stocked.

Step 18. If the part is on the price tape, the List, Trade, Core, and Cost automatically fill in from the price tape, but you can edit the prices as needed. If the part is not on the price tape, enter the prices.

Step 19. Click Save to save the part information.

Step 20. The screen clears so you can enter more parts.

Step 21. Continue to add parts. When you are finished adding parts, click Exit to return to the Incept From Parts PAD menu.


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