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Understanding Bin Locations

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There are a few important points to keep in mind about how to enter part locations in the system. The system uses bin locations for parts. It's assumed that you follow the standard layout of numbering bins from 1 to 999 and lettering the shelves of each bin from A to Z. Regardless of the method you use, it's important that the bin locations follow a logical and consistent numbering system.

The Bin or Bin Location fields accept up to three characters, and the entries can be both alpha and numeric. It's important that you're consistent when entering the bins. For example, the system recognizes 001, 01, and 1 as separate bin numbers. Use leading zeros to fill the field if you want bin locations to be sorted in a strict numeric sequence. In addition to entering numeric codes, you can enter codes such as “SOP” for special order parts, “US” for upstairs, etc. 

In addition to bin numbers, the system uses shelves to assign parts locations. The Shelf field accepts one character, and the entry is usually an alpha character from A to Z. Since almost every parts room has parts stored on top of at least one bin, you should consider treating the top shelf of each bin as shelf A. 

It is important that you pay close attention to the information you enter in each field. A common error is to add the bin and shelf in the same field. Be sure to keep these two pieces of information separate. 

If your parts room isn't currently organized in a manner that allows you to easily assign bin numbers, take the time to organize it before entering the inventory. Bin locations are important when printing inventory sheets. The system prints a separate sheet for each bin. If you aren't consistent when entering your bin locations, you may end up with thousands of pages of inventory sheets. 


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