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Selecting Individual Invoices from a Vendor for Payment

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Use the "Vendor Account Detail" button on the Deposits/EFTs screen to select individual invoices from a vendor's Vendor Account Detail screen for payment. The system will use the selected invoices to automatically write the payment entry. 

This button appears along with the Vendor box when a user enters an Accounts Payable vendor number in the Deposits/EFTs screen's Control field. When using this feature, only one vendor may be paid per transaction. The transaction must balance, or the system will not allow it to be posted. 

To pull transactions from a vendor account for payment, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. Click General - Purchases - Receipts on the Journal Entries menu. 

Step 3. The Journal Entries menu opens. Select Deposits/EFTs


Step 4. The Deposits/EFTs screen opens. 


Step 5. The system automatically assigns a document number. You can use the default document number or type the document number you want to use in the Document field. The document number begins with “D” to indicate it is a deposit.

If the document number you enter is a duplicate of an already posted document, a warning will alert you that duplication of documents within the same journal may result in posting errors if reversed. Select Clear to clear the document or journal and enter a new document or Continue to carry on.

Note:  If you change the document number to begin with “E” for EFT, the document will list in the Deposit Reconciliation screen in the Check Register. Autosoft suggests changing the document number in this way when posting an EFT to a Payable vendor.

Step 6. The Journal field defaults to journal 50—Cash Receipts. You can edit this field if necessary. Use the Deposit To list to select the account for the deposit.

Step 7. Enter the general ledger account number in the G/L field. When the cursor rests in this field, the field description reads, “G/L List.” Click the description to view a list of general ledger accounts. Use the drop-down list at the bottom of the list screen to filter the account list as needed. Click on the account you want to select.

Important:  If the account number entered in the G/L field does not match the check register selected in the Select Register - Deposit To field but matches one of the other register numbers in the field's drop-down menu, a warning will alert you to the discrepancy and allow you to decide how you would like to proceed. If you click Continue, no entry will be made in either check register. If you click Clear, the entry will be cleared so you may enter the correct account information.

Because this warning will not appear if your check register and account numbers are the same, pay special attention when dealing with your Payroll Checking account, which can use the same account number as the General Checking account. If so, you'll have to select the Payroll Checking Register from the Select Register - Deposit To field's menu.

Step 8. Press ENTER to advance through the Document field. The document number auto-populates this field.

Step 9. If this is a scheduled account, enter the control number in the Control field. Use the Schedules button to search for existing controls for the account. When you enter a control, the top of the screen displays the account information for the control. Once you enter a control, you can use the HOME key on your keyboard for the subsequent lines to default to the same control.

If the scheduled account is Accounts Payable, upon choosing or entering the vendor control in the Control field, the Vendor box will appear on the screen, containing the vendor's information. Additionally, the Vendor Account Detail button will also appear above the Print Cash Clearing List button.


Step 10. Click the Vendor Account Detail button to open the Vendor Account Detail screen.

Step 11. Click the invoices you wish to pay with the EFT. You can pay up to 110 Accounts Payable invoices for a single vendor on a single check. The system will use those lines to automatically write an entry. Selected invoices will be highlighted in orange. 


Step 12. Click Done.

Step 13. The selected invoices populate the Deposits/EFTs screen as individual lines, and the Total Debits line reflects the total of the invoices you selected.

Create a line for the EFT payment, entering the dollar figure from the Total Debits field into the Credit field. ENTER to add the line.


Step 14. Once the transaction is balanced, click Save Transaction or Post Transaction. The button description changes based on the posting method you selected. (You can also press ENTER in a blank G/L Credit Account field).


Step 15. If you selected to post directly to the general ledger and schedules, click to select to post to the current month or next month, or select to batch the entry.

If you selected to batch post, click File It! when prompted to verify you want to file the entry. 


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