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April 2018 Tips & Tricks (April 17, 2018)

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Accounting Tip: Using FaStatements to Fix Out-of-Balance Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Did you know FaStatements can help you resolve an out-of-balance Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable?

If you find your AP or AR is out of balance, look at your FaStatement to find an account in which the detail doesn't match the total. You can force the balance to ~FB and post a journal entry to the proper control from there.



Viewing the Vendor Payables FaStatement for the Current Month 
Viewing the Vendor Payable FaStatement for Another Month
Viewing a Trade Receivables FaStatement for the Current Month
Viewing a Trade Receivables FaStatement for Another Month


Fixed Ops Tip: Printing Tomorrow's Pre-Writes

With the Autosoft DMS Service Writing module, you have the ability to print pre-writes for the next day--or any future date--of your Service Department's schedule. To print pre-writes, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Daily R/O Update

Step 2. The Daily R/O Update menu will open. Click Daily Reports/Pre-Writes.

Step 3. On the Miscellaneous Daily Reports menu, select Print Pre-Writes.

Step 4. In the Print Pre-Writes box that opens, type the date for the pre-writes you want to print. You must enter the date in an eight-character format (mm/dd/yyyy or mmddyyyy). If you don't use dashes between month, day, and year, you'll have to press ENTER to proceed. If you have used dashes, the system will proceed automatically upon the entry of the last digit of the year. 


Step 5. Click OK when prompted to verify your printer is ready. One page prints for each pre-write scheduled for the date you specified.



Using the Service Prewrites Screen without a Quick Scheduler
Purging Stale Prewrites
Service Scheduling (Webinar)
Service Schedule (2015) Conversion Guide


Sales and F&I Tip: Working in Multiple Browser Tabs

Working out of multiple parts of Autosoft DMS's Sales and Finance & Insurance or in multiple deals at once can be necessary, and Autosoft has made it easy.

To open a deal in a new browser tab, follow these steps:

Step 1. Single-click on a deal you want to open in the Sales' application's Deal Search list. The deal's quick-look card will open.

Step 2. Click the icon in pop-out icon in the upper-right corner of the quick-look card.  


The deal will open in a new tab, labeled for easy identification with the customer's last name. In the example above, the new tab would be labeled Deal - White.

If you're using multiple monitors, most browsers will then allow you to drag the new tab onto another screen. This makes it very easy to compare or even duplicate deal information.



Working Several Deals at Once
Opening a Vehicle Record from the Vehicle Search Screen
Duplicating Deals
Using Quick Actions


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