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March 2018 Tips & Tricks (March 12, 2018)

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Accounting Tip: Randomly Generating Document Numbers

Did you know Autosoft DMS can randomly generate a document number for general journal entries? It can, and the feature can keep you from duplicating document numbers. 

To use this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries

Step 2. On the Journal Entries menu, select General - Purchases - Receipts

Step 3. Select General on the Journal Entries menu. The General Journal Entries screen will open. 


Step 4. TAB or ENTER through the Document field. The system will automatically generate a document number for you. 


Step 5. Continue building the entry as normal. 



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Fixed Ops Tip: Using the Body Shop Parts Button in Service

If your Parts Department allows your Service Department to add Body Shop parts to repair orders, when closing a body shop repair order's parts, you'll have access to the Body Shop Parts button. The button opens the Body Shop Parts screen so you can add body shop parts to the repair order. Since you may receive body shop parts for work that you do not want to add to your regular parts inventory, you can enter a part number that does not exist in your master inventory. The parts will update to the General Ledger account specified in the Accounting Integrated Service Sales parameters but not affect regular inventory. 

Note:  If the Parts Department restricts the Service Department from adding Body Shop parts to repair orders, this button will be unavailable.

Step 1. If your repair is flagged B for body shop, the Body Shop Parts button will be available to you in your Close Parts screen during the repair order process. Click Body Shop Parts


Step 2. The Body Shop Parts screen will open. In the working line, type the Part Number.  

Step 3. Type the QuantityCost, and Price. The Extended amount will automatically populate based on the price. 

Step 4. Type a Description of the part. This field holds up to15 characters.


Step 5. Click OK to file the line.

Step 6. Continue to add parts. To remove a part, click on the part line and delete the quantity. Click OK.

Step 7. When you are finished, click Save.



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Sales and F&I Tip: Showing or Hiding Deal Profit Numbers

Autosoft's Sales and F&I application includes a default setting to show or hide deal profit numbers on the Desking screen. This permits each user to customize the Desking screen to best suit their needs. For instance, if you choose to share your deal screen with customers while working a deal, you can default the Desking screen to hide profit figures.

To set this default, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click your user icon in the upper-right of any screen in Sales and F&I and select Preferencesfrom the menu that opens. The Preferences page of your user profile will open.


Step 2. In the Sales card, click the Show Gross on Desking toggle to either Yes or No. Selected Yes will mean deal profit numbers will be visible on the Desking screen, while selecting No will hide the profit numbers on the sceen. 

Step 3. Click Save. Each deal you open once the default is set will display in accordance to the default you've set. 



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