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Autosoft DMS Release 7.5.1 (March 8, 2018)

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The Autosoft FLEX DMS 7.5.1 release contains several enhancements, including a number of changes to the Service Schedule application, as well as some minor bug fixes.

Before You Perform the Web Update

Because this update includes some enhancements that will require certain files to be rebuilt, the process may take longer than usual. If your dealership is running the AIS software on its server, the rebuild will be attempted without user involvement. If it completes successfully, Autosoft DMS will launch as usual when you open the software.

Dealerships without AIS Installed on Server
If your dealership is not running AIS on your server, you will be prompted to rebuild files when you open Autosoft DMS. All users must refrain from entering the DMS until the update and file rebuilds are complete. Because we understand that this may be an inconvenience, you will be alerted of this when you launch the web update and given the option to continue or delay performing the update until a more convenient time.  


To continue with the update, click Next. To delay the update until a more convenient time, select Cancel and perform the web update when you have the time and all users have exited the DMS. 

After the software update has been completed, dealerships who do not have AIS running on their server be prompted to rebuild the necessary files when you open the DMS. Ensure all users are out of the DMS prior to starting the file rebuild. When you're ready to rebuild the files, click OK.


Effects of the File Rebuilds
As a result of these file rebuilds, you will find some performance improvements, including improved customer search speeds when using a phone number to conduct the customer search. The change affects the phone number-based search on the Customer Search Criteria screen launched from the Customer Information, Start Repair Order, Service Schedule, Start Quote, and Repair Order History screens. 

Additionally, this release contains several enhancements to the Service Schedule application that will require files to be rebuilt. When you open the Service Schedule application after the software update has been completed, an alert will notify you that files must be rebuilt to fully enable the enhancements. Ensure that all users of Service Schedule have exited the application and click OK to perform the file rebuild. 



Accounting, Service, and Parts

Dealermarket.com link added to main menus
  Quickly order forms and other dealership supplies without leaving your DMS. 
Detail:  Autosoft has added a Dealermarket.com link to the Accounting, Service, and Parts main menus. To open Dealermarket.com, click the Order forms and checks link in the lower-left corner of the Accounting main menu and the Order forms and supplies link in the lower-left corner of the Service and Parts main menus.


Dealermarket.com will open in your web browser, while your DMS remains open to the menu on which you were working. The page or department that opens in the Dealermarket.com website will be specific to the module from which you clicked the link. The screenshot below displays the Dealermarket.com page that opens when the link on the Accounting main menu is clicked. 



Export to Excel option added for Expense Trend Analysis report
  Export your Expense Trend Analysis report to Microsoft Excel for easy recall from your hard drive.
Detail:  Autosoft has added an "Export to Excel" option when printing the Expense Trend Analysis. To use this option, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Profit Center Reports menu, select Print Expense Trend Analysis


Step 2. Select Export to Excel and click Print


Step 3. The system will alert you that the file has been created and saved as a CSV document, providing the file name and location of the Microsoft Excel document. The file will be named GLEXPENSETREND.CSV. If your dealership's Autosoft DMS is housed on an in-house server, the file will be saved to your C:\ drive. If your dealership operates on a hosted Autosoft DMS, the file will be saved to your K:\ drive. Click OK to dismiss the message.


To open the file in Excel, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Microsoft Excel on your workstation.

Step 2. Click File in the upper-left corner of your Excel screen and select Open

Step 3. Click Browse to navigate to the drive and folder where the file was saved.

You may not see the file if your system is only showing Excel files. Select Text Files in the drop-down in the lower-right corner of the Open modal. 


Step 4. Double-click the file to open it. 


The file will open in Microsoft Excel, where you can make any necessary formatting adjustments. 



Dump To Service Quote option added for parts queries
  Save time by dumping parts from the query screen directly to a service quote.
Detail:  Autosoft has added a "Dump to Service Quote" option to the Dump To . . . Order Que/Counter Slip/Repair Order screen. This option allows you to dump query parts directly to an active Service quote. 

Note:  With this enhancement, Autosoft has also changed the existing "Dump to Quote" option's label to "Dump to Parts Quote." 

To use the Dump to Service Quote option, follow these steps:

Step 1. After performing a parts query, click the Dump To button at the bottom of the Parts Queries screen. The Dump To . . . Order Que/Counter Slip/Repair Order screen will open. 


Step 2. Click each part in the query list to change its order status (Order column) from "Order" to "In Stock" or vice versa. 

Step 3. Select Dump To Service Quote

Step 4. Choose All Parts to dump both in-stock and on-order parts from the query list to the service quote or In Stock Parts to dump only those parts that are in stock. 

Step 5. The Active Quotes screen will open. Select the quote to which you want to dump the parts query. The Add Parts screen will populate with the parts from the query list. 


Service Schedule

Functionality added for increased control and customization of Service Schedule
  Enjoy more control over how you organize and schedule appointments using the Service Schedule application. 
Detail:  Autosoft has made several enhancements to the Service Schedule application to improve customization and control of the setup and appearance of your shop schedule. Each enhancement is detailed below. (See the Service Schedule User Guide for full instructions on using the application.)

All Service Schedule users will receive the following message upon opening the application. To take advantage of the enhancements, click OK


The Column Setup screen within Service Schedule now allows you to organize the schedule by advisor, technician, or custom columns. 

If your dealership hasn't yet converted to Autosoft's Service Schedule application from the Schedule Xpress application, when you perform the conversion, you can select to organize the schedule by advisor, which will create a column in the schedule for each of your service advisors. The conversion process allows you to select whether each appointment should appear as a single 15-minute slot on the schedule or as the block of time necessary for the scheduled service. (See the Service Schedule (2015) Conversion Guide for full details and conversion instructions.)

Detail:  If your dealership is already using the Service Schedule application, you can simply begin to create new columns in your schedule for advisors. You will notice that some labeling has changed on the application's Column Setup screen. The Tech/Column field has been changed to Advisor/Tech, and in addition to your technicians, your advisors will also be available in the drop-down menu. 


A "Number of Columns" option has been added to the application's Column Setup screen to create multiple columns under a single advisor, technician, or custom column header.  

Detail:  Autosoft has added a Num of Columns field to the Service Schedule application's Column Setup screen to provide more control over the schedule setup and service appointment schedules. Once you've created a column header for an advisor, technician, or custom column, add up to 10 columns under the advisor, technician, or custom column heading using the  Num of Columns drop-down. This will allow you to schedule multiple overlapping appointments for a single advisor or technician. 


Note:    If you attempt to reduce the number of columns for an advisor, technician, or custom column (for example, from three to two or two to one) and the change would result in any overlapping of appointments, the system will alert you that appointments within the columns will conflict with each other as a result of the change. Click OK to acknowledge the message. The change in number of columns will be blocked. Prior to retrying, reschedule any appointments that would overlap to avoid conflicts. 

Total quoted time displays when hovering over an appointment
  At a glance, understand your shop's time commitments and availability based on scheduled appointments' quoted times. 
Detail:  A feature has been added to the Service Schedule application to reveal a service appointment's total quoted time when a user hovers over the appointment on the schedule. This feature is available whether the Service Schedule displays appointments as 15-minute time slots or as their full quoted time.

To use the feature, simply hover over an appointment on your schedule. The total quoted time will display. 



Other Changes


  • Adjustments have been made to comply with Wisconsin's 1099 eFile updates. 
  • An update ensures that the year-to-date maximum for Accrued Payable/Expense is honored by Payroll employee department assignments.
  • Improvements have been made to the way control parameters responsible for finance manager and sales manager commissions on vehicle sales are processed in the Ancillary Entries screen.  


  • Updates have resolved an error that was triggered when posting cashier receipts in which the customer number was used as the control on late fees. 
  • Modifications have been made to ensure service contract information is included on repair orders that are closed and printed from Cashier.


  • Modifications have been made to ensure that reassigning the document number on a return document updates the Return Doc. Number in the Memo field in Master Inventory.
  • Changes have been made to allow the Print Labels button on the Processed Order Que Parts screen to print to both TLP2844 Zebra printers and GC420 printers.
  • Improvements have been made to the Daily Parts Sales Summary report to ensure that when the same part number is billed on two separate lines with a different sale price on each line, the sales will not be combined and displayed with a single sale amount when the repair order is closed.


  • Adjustments have been made to ensure the Payroll & Department Totals report is not sent to the printer when the user selects to print to screen. 


  • Modifications have been made in compliance with several OEMs to ensure the open and close dates of printed repair orders feature a four-digit year. Four-digit years in open and close dates are also displayed on the View R/O screen. 
  • Updates ensure that service contract information is printed on all copies of applicable repair orders (hard copy, file, customer, and Accounting copies) when using the Review & Print option. 
  • An additional option has been added when converting from Schedule Xpress to Service Schedule to allow a dealership to convert their schedule by advisor ID. This option would place appointments into advisor columns on the schedule based on the advisor ID when the appointment is created. (See the Service Schedule (2015) Conversion Guide for full details and conversion instructions.)
  • Changes ensure that two lines of content are pulled to the Complaint field when a trouble code is selected when creating a service appointment.
  • Updates have been made to ensure Chrysler warranty repair order transmission errors report the correct RO number. 
  • Improvements have been made to prevent errors when a redirected printer has been selected in Dispatcher Setup. 


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