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Adding Integrated Parts Sales Parameters

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Use the Integrated Parts Sales button on the System Setup menu to set the accounts used to post the parts sales for retail and wholesales customers. The parameters determine how counter sales update from the Parts module to the Accounting module.

Tip:  The values 1 through 9 next to the fields on the bottom of the screen represent the nine inventory sources the Parts Department can define in the Parts Inventory system. Each number can represent a different inventory. For example, 1 could be for Chrysler parts, 2 for After Market, 3 for Tires, etc. Verify the inventory sources with the Parts Department.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, click Setup.

Step 2. On the System Setup menu, click Integrated Parts Sales. The Integrated Parts Posting Parameters screen opens. 

Step 3. In the Posting Classification field, type the letter for the posting classification that corresponds to the customer classification, or click a classification in the list on the right side of the screen. (The customer classifications are set in the Parts Inventory module using the Wholesale Levels Pricing option on the System Setup and Updates menu.)

Step 4. In Journal, type the journal number for this classification. Journal 33 is typically used for retail sales, and journal 34 is typically used for wholesale sales.

Step 5. Specify the general ledger accounts that will be used to post customer accounts receivables, cash sales, freight out, sales tax, local tax, and tire tax.

Step 6. In the Parts Inventory, Accessory Inventory, and Other Inventory sections, type the general ledger Sale accounts used to post parts sales, accessory sales, and other inventory sales for each inventory source. When you enter a Sale account, the corresponding Cost and Inventory accounts automatically populate the corresponding fields.

Step 7. Click Save to save the information.

Step 8. Click Exit to return to the System Setup menu.


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