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Setting Service Labor Rates

Autosoft -

Labor rate codes are added to repair orders on the Enter Conditions Screen in the Labor Level box. The rates can also be entered with a Service Menu item from System Setup. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, click System Setup.

Step 2. On the System Setup menu, click Labor Rates.

Step 3. The Service Labor Flex Rates menu opens. Click Standard Labor Rates if you want to use a fixed rate for Customer Pay, Warranty Claim, or Internal repairs.

Step 4. Nine labor levels are available for use. The rates are labeled A through D and G through J. F is not included because it is used specifically for the Flex Rate. Enter the appropriate letter in the Labor Level field to set up a labor level and name the rate using the Description field.

To edit an existing labor rate, click on the rate from the list on the right side of the screen. The Labor Level and Description fields, as well as the rest of the fields, will populate.

Step 5. In the Current Rate area, enter the appropriate labor rates in the Customer Pay, Warranty Claim, and Internal Service and Body fields. 

The screen allows you to establish a Current Rate and a New rate using the respective Effective Date fields. The new rate will be applied to any repair orders created on or after the New Rate's effective date. Any older repair orders predating the change will maintain the Current Rate.

Step 6. A flex rate can be created in one of two ways. Either use the scan tool or set your own flex rate for one hour charge and let the program create the grid.




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