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Running the Declined Service Report

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Important: For the Declined Service Report to work, the repairs must be checked as "declined" on the Close Service screen accessible from the Repair Orders menu. If the box is not checked, nothing will be sent to the report. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, click Followup & Marketing.

Step 2. On the Service Followup menu, click Miscellaneous Lists

Step 3. Click Declined Service on the Miscellaneous Lists menu. 

Step 4. Use the From Date and To Date fields to enter the date range you would like to use for the Declined Service Report. The date must be in an eight-digit format, with or without slashes (05012016 or 05/01/2016). If you do not include the slashes, you will have to press ENTER in each field to advance to the next field and begin the scanning process.

Step 5. When prompted to verify you would like to scan for the list, click OK

Step 6. The system displays a message indicating the list has been generated and identifying the number of repairs on the list. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

See "Printing the Declined Service Report" to learn how to print the report.



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