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Addressing Missing Receipts or "No Data" in Daily Summary

Autosoft -

If you're working in Cashier and the Daily Summary is missing receipts or you receive a message that says the repair order is “Missing Data,” follow these steps:

Step 1. From the FLEX DMS startup menu, click Cashier.

Step 2. Click Cash Receipts on the Cashier main menu.

Step 3. Click System Setup. The Cashier Parameters screen opens.

Step 4. Check the Cashier Parameters to verify that the Include R/O's And C/S's In Daily Summary field contains a Y. If the field contains N, replace it with and click Exit to save the changes. 

Step 5. Return to the FLEX DMS startup menu and click Settings & Utilities.

Step 6. On the File Utilities & Settings menu, click File Rebuild Utility.

Step 7. Click Cash Receipts Daily Rental.

Step 8. In the list of files that opens to the right of the menu, click Verify All.

Step 9. Repeat steps 5 through 7 and select to rebuild AKRCTM.DAT. 

Step 10. Return to the Cashier module's main menu and click Repair Orders.

Step 11. Enter the R/O Number or select a repair order using the R/O List button. 

Step 12. TAB through and click Print in the credit card area at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 13. If the data was missing from Parts, from the Cashier main menu, click Counter Slips.

Step 14. Enter the affected counter slip number the C/S Number field or search for it using the C/S List button.

Step 15. TAB through and click Print in the credit card area. 


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