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Generating Service Come Back Reports

Autosoft -

The Service Come Back Report lists customers who returned for a duplicate repair during a specific date range. This report is generated based on the Comeback field on the Close Service screen when the repair order is being generated. The report lists the original repair order number and the comeback repair order number. For each repair order, the printout lists the customer’s name, service performed, writer, technician, and sale amount.

Important:  On the Close Service screen, the Comeback field must contain Y for yes to ensure that the Service come back report pulls a repair's information. After entering Y in the Comeback field, be sure to enter the repair information into the Comeback Data pop-up that opens. 

Step 1. To generate service comeback reports, click Reports & Updates on the Service Writing main menu. 

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Service Reports on the Service Reports/Updates menu.

Step 3. On the Miscellaneous Service Reports menu, click Print 'Come Back' Report.

Step 4. The Enter Dates For Reports window opens. Using the From and To fields, enter the date range for closed repair orders you would like to include in the report.

Step 5. When prompted to verify that your printer is ready, select To Printer to print the report or To Screen to view a PDF version of the report on your screen. 

Step 6. Click Print

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