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Creating a Ship To Address for a Wholesale Customer Counter Slip

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If you enter a shipping address directly on the Ship To tab, the address is saved on the counter ticket only and will not be saved to the wholesale customer's saved Ship To Address list. In order to save a new shipping address for a wholesale customer, you must use the Ship To Addresses screen to create a new shipping address.

Steps for adding the address to the Ship To screen follow:

Step 1. Click Parts from the FLEX DMS startup menu.

Step 2. On the Parts Inventory main menu, click Counter Sales

Step 3. Enter the customer's ID in the Customer field or use the Customer List button to select the customer. 

Step 4. Click the Ship To tab (directly below Bill To). The Customer List button's label will change to "Ship To List."

Step 5. Click the Ship To List button. The Ship To Addresses screen opens. 

Step 6. Use the screen to enter the wholesale customer's "ship to" address. The address will be permanently added to the customer record.

In the future, if the customer has multiple "ship to" addresses, you can click the Ship To List button and select the appropriate address from the list on the right side of the Ship To Addresses screen.


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