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Adding Journals

Autosoft -

You use the Define Journals option to assign the general ledger accounts that will be used for each journal to post non-integrated parts and service sales. A list of recommended journals is preloaded in the system. You can add to these entries as needed. Entering the journal information here saves you time when you are posting parts slips and repair orders.

Step 1.Click Accounting on the FLEX DMS startup menu. 

Step 2. From the main Dealership Accounting menu, click Setup.

Step 3. Click Define Journals on the System Setup menu.


Step 4. The right side of the screen displays a list of journals in the system. These are the suggested journals that are pre-entered in the system and any journals entered during the Accounting inception.


Step 5. Click the journal you want to select or type the journal number and name for the journal you wish to create.

Step 6. In fields 1 through 8, type the default accounts for non-integrated parts and service sales. As you enter each account, a + or appears to indicate if the common entry for the account is a debit or credit. This information pulls from the general ledger setup. Edit the field if a different entry is required for the journal posting.

Step 7. Click Save to save the information. If you entered a new journal, the journal is added to the list on the right side of the screen.

Important:  Journal 81 is reserved for inventory write down. This journal will automatically adjust the pack in an equal and opposite amount to keep the inventory showing as the same value to Desk Manager.


Important:  Journal 39 is reserved for credit returns. If you use journal 39, it automatically posts the opposite of the default entry for the account.


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