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Responding to the Date and Time Prompt

Autosoft -

When you enter any module of the Autosoft DMS for the first time each day, you are prompted to verify that the date, time, and User ID on your computer are correct. The system displays the following prompt. The date on this prompt must match the current calendar date.

If the date and time are not correct, click the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the values as needed. You can also click Get Internet Time Standard to connect to the Internet and retrieve the exact time. It is important that the system date and time are correct.

If the User ID is not correct, enter the correct ID number. (The user ID, also referred to as the operator ID, is a number between 1 and 9. If you are using the Accounting expanded password function, you will be able to use additional alphabetical user IDs from A through Z in the Accounting module. It’s important to note that when using this password functionality, you will not be able to change the ID number or letter because it is directly tied to the user’s password.) The system uses the user ID to track postings for the audit trail. Always verify the date, time, and ID before clicking OK to accept the information.

Tip: You can set multi-level passwords to control which sections of the system users can access. For information on setting passwords, see "Creating Multi-Level Passwords.”


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