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Using the Autosoft News Feed, F1 Help, and Click to Chat

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Because the Autosoft DMS is continuously changing to meet our customers’ needs, new features are added to the software. These changes will include the addition of fields, buttons, or screens. This manual represents the system as it is now.

Click the What’s New icon in the upper right corner of the any module's main menu to access release notes containing information about enhancements that have been added to the DMS. The link will take you to the latest release notes in our Help Center, where you can also access resources specific to the release and archived release notes. This helps you quickly identify the enhancements that have been made to the system since your last Web update and learn how to take full advantage of those enhancements.

Also available on the DMS startup menu and the main menu of every DMS module is the Autosoft News Feed. The News Feed will deliver up-to-date information on Autosoft’s latest updates, products, and services. The feed contains dated news items. For example, when a software update is released, the release notes will be available here from a dated link. Depending on the time of year, you can also find important news and resources here, including year-end closing instructions and tax table and franchise financial statement updates.

To assist you in using Autosoft DMS to its fullest, an individual help page exists for each screen in the system. Press F1 to display the help page for the current screen or menu in which you are working. Each page provides the following pieces of information::

  • A description of the screen, 
  • Basic instructions for using the screen, 
  • A list of the fields on the screen and an explanation of the information required in each field, 
  • A list of the buttons on the screen and instructions for using each button, and 
  • A list of the function keys you can use to carry out commands on the screen. 

When applicable, instructional videos and user manuals for specific functions may also be accessible from help screens. At the bottom of every help screen, you’ll also find links to the Autosoft Website, Remote Support resources, the Autosoft support email address, and the Autosoft DMS User Manual Website.

As changes are made to DMS, these Help pages are updated and added to your system when you run a Web software update; thus, the help pages are always current. You should become familiar with the help page feature and use it to learn about the new information added to the system and as a way to quickly access information while you are on a screen.

If you’ve turned to each of these resources and still have questions, you can reach out to the Autosoft Customer Success Center. If your question is a quick one, such as how to access a screen, we recommend using the Click to Chat feature on every menu of the DMS except for Setup menus within individual modules. This feature allows you to chat with an Autosoft Customer Success team member about an issue without having to pick up the phone or to submit a message after business hours and have a team member reach out with an answer when they return to the office.

If you’re looking for specific directions, you can find what you need by searching our Help Center, accessible from the Autosoft DMS Startup Menu and the footer of any F1 screen. In the Help Center, you’ll find Knowledge Base articles broken down by module, as well as video tutorials, user manuals, and role-specific information. Just type a search term into the Search bar and find all the Help Center resources pertaining to the subject.


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