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Understanding System Prompts

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The system contains prompts to assist you as you work. Prompts appear when you select to generate reports or update information to master files. The prompts indicate the information you need to specify or the action you must take. For example, when you generate a report, you may be prompted to enter criteria you want to use for the report, and you are prompted to indicate if you want to view the report on your screen or if you want to print the report to paper. Some reports also allow you to print to Microsoft Excel, where you can save and edit the information. Similarly, when you select to update information, you are prompted to verify that you wish to complete the task. This ensures you have the opportunity to cancel an action if necessary.

Prompts also serve as a way for the system to communicate with you. In certain areas, the system will prompt you when it completes a task. This is the system’s way of informing you that an action was successfully carried out. For these prompts, click OK to acknowledge the message and to continue working. The system also prompts you to indicate errors in entries or selections you are trying to make. The important thing to remember about prompts is that you should always read the prompts that appear on the screen to ensure you understand exactly what will happen before you continue. Once you are sure you understand, click OK to continue working.



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