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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Autosoft -

You can use the mouse or keyboard throughout the Autosoft DMS to maneuver through the input screens and to carry out common functions on entry screens. The ability to use the keyboard to maneuver through the screens as you enter information allows you to work quickly, as you do not have to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse while you are working. The following chart identifies the keystrokes you can use to maneuver through the entry screens.

Key Use it to...
ENTER Move to the next field
UP ARROW Move to the previous field
DOWN ARROW Move to the next field
SHIFT + TAB Move to the previous field

Similarly, each button in the system has been assigned a corresponding function key. You can click on the button or press the corresponding function key. (When using the keyboard to select an option, it is not necessary to press ENTER.) The following chart lists common buttons and function keys you should learn. These are the most frequently available commands in the system.

Button Function Key Use it to...
Back ESC Close a list or current screen
Exit ESC Close the current screen
Help F1 Display the Help page
<< F2 Display the previous record
List F3 Display a search list to select an existing entry
>> F4 Display the next record
Print F6 Print a copy of the information
Delete F8 Delete a record
Clear F9 Clear a record from the screen

If you want to use keystrokes more than the mouse, you can set the system to display reminder tags on each menu button to indicate the key you can use to select each menu option. To set this parameter, see “Setting Operating Parameters.”


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