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Archiving Parts Counter Slips

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The Month-End & C/S (Counter Slip) Archives menu is used to archive month-end analysis reports and counter slips. When you archive a file, it is turned into a PDF file and stored on your computer's hard drive. Several years of records can be maintained on your local drive. 

Because the system backup does not include making a backup of the local drive, the records may be lost if there is hardware failure or other unforeseen accidents. This menu provides a method for viewing your archived month-end analysis reports and counter slips and burning them to a CD for backup.

The month-end Parts counter slips range from 100,000 to 199,999. When the document number hits 199,999, it will automatically restart the count at 100,000. To save the original set of counter slips, you can archive them and save the archive to disk. Follow these steps to archive parts counter slips:

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, click Reports.

Step 2. Click Month-End Analysis & C/S Archives. The Month-End Analysis & C/S Archives menu will open. 

Step 3. On the Month-End Analysis menu, again click Month-End Analysis & C/S Archives. The Parts Sales Archives menu will open.

Step 4. Click Archive Counter Slips. A pop-up will open where you can set archive parameters. 

Step 5. For ease of searching, archive the counter slips in increments of 20,000. Enter the start and end counter slip numbers in the From C/S and To C/S fields, respectively. Press ENTER. 

Step 6. The system will verify that you want to archive the counter slips. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 7. Once the counter slips are archived, you can view the PDF files by clicking the View Month-End & C/S Archives option on the Month-End & Counter Slip Archives menu. 

Step 8. These files are saved to the local C drive of the machine that has done the archiving. The folder name is ASICS. This file can be copied and then pasted to the C drive of other PC's to share access to the archives.


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