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ID 60 Error in Month-End General Ledger Closing

Autosoft -

If you are attempting to close the general ledger for the month, you may get an ID 60 error. To remedy the situation:

Step 1. Make a note of the file name listed in the error message pop-up.

Step 2. Click OK on the error message pop-up. 

Step 3. You will be kicked out of the FLEX DMS Accounting program.

Step 4. From the FLEX DMS main menu, click Settings & Utilities

Step 5. Click File Rebuild Utility on the File Utilities & Settings menu. 

Step 6. Click Accounting on the Index Rebuild Utility screen.

Step 7. In the list that appears on the right side of the screen, locate the file name that was listed in the error message and click on the file to rebuild it. 

Step 8. Return to the Accounting module and attempt to close the general ledger for month-end. 



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