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General Ledger (GL) Out of Balance (OoB)

Autosoft -

The general ledger is displaying as out of balance on the verification.

Step 1. Click Accounting from the FLEX DMS main menu. 

Step 2. On the Dealership Accounting main menu, click Utilities

Step 3. Click Verify G/L Balances.

Step 4. Click OK to verify the general ledger. This will force the out-of-balance to Voids.

Step 5. A notice will alert you when the verification process is complete. Click OK.

Step 6. Click Exit to leave the Utilities menu. 

Step 7. Click Month-End from the Dealership Accounting main menu. 

Step 8. Click Month-End Journals - G/L Detail on the Month-End Procedures menu. 

Step 9. Click Print All Journal Data Available on the Month-End Journals menu. 

Step 10. Select To Screen

Step 11. Click Print to print the month-end journal. 

Step 12. Look for a journal that is out of balance. Once you find the out-of-balance journal, you must find the document that is out of balance.

Step 13. You will need to do a journal entry from “Voids” to assign the location to which the money should be directed.


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