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Target Path Error

Autosoft -

Sometimes, when attempting to open the Autosoft DMS, users may receive the error message, "The target path to your network database was not found." This simply means that the program cannot find the path where it is directed to look for system data or that the path is inaccessible.

If this is happening on every workstation, verify that the server and router are "On." Open a Web browser and navigate to a Web page other than your homepage. If this fails, this indicates a problem between your PC and the router. Call your dealership's IT support. 

If opening a Web page works, the issue is with the mapped drive. Follow these steps to remedy the situation:

Step 1. From your computer's Start menu, Computer, My Computer, or File Explorer (the available options depends on your operating system).

Step 2. Your computer's various mapped drives will be visible. Locate the mapped drive for Autosoft (normally "S:"). 

Step 3. If there is a red “X" on the server drive, double-click it to restore it.

Step 4. If you don't see an Autosoft server drive or if double-clicking the drive does not restore it, remap the drive using the Windows "Map Network Drive" tool. You may be asked for a network ID & Password. This should have been assigned by your system administrator (often the same as your PC username and password). The username and password must be registered on the server by your system administrator. If you are having trouble, contact your internal IT support or system administrator.

Step 5. If manually opening the Autosoft drive works but you are still getting a target path error, right click on the Autosoft icon on your desktop and select Properties. Start In should be set to your mapped Autosoft drive \AD (for example S:\AD).

If you're taken these steps and are still unable to open the Autosoft DMS, call the Autosoft Customer Success Center and select Hardware from the menu.


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