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Archiving Repair Orders (RO)

Autosoft -

Repair Orders are numbered from 00001 to 99999. When the count reaches 99999 the RO numbers will start over at 00001 and will delete the old ROs from the system. Archiving the repair orders can save the old repair orders as a PDF file for future reference.

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Reports & Updates.

Step 2. Click R/O Archives. The R/O Archives menu will open.

Step 3. Select Archive Repair Orders.

Step 4. Use the From R/O and To R/O fields to select the repair order range you wish to archive. We suggest increments of 5000 or 10000 for easier access.

Step 5. Once that group of repair orders has been archived, select the next set of RO numbers you want to archive. Repair orders are saved only to the C:\ASIRO folder on the workstation on which you're working.

Step6. You can burn the archives to a CD or copy the ASIRO folder to other C drives to share as needed.


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