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Financial Statement Out of Balance - Troubleshooting

Autosoft -

Step 1. Compile the financial statement for the prior month.

Step 2. Immediately following, compile the current month's financial statement (except Ford).

Step 3. Scan and verify parameters. In most cases no money will show on the scan, although there are some exceptions.

Step 4. In an out-of-balance situation, return to the Dealership Accounting main menu and click Utilities.

Step 5. Click Verify G/L Balances.

Step 6. When asked if you ready to verify the general ledger, click OK

Step 7. Check the Voids account.

Step 8. Return to the Dealership Accounting main menu and click General Ledger.

Step 9. Click Print General Ledger & Trial Balance.

Step 10. Click Print Trial Balance.

Step 11. Choose whether to print a hard copy of the document or print to screen and whether you would like to print by account type and include zero balance accounts. Click to print the current period's trial balance.

Step 12. Compare the last page's information to the financial statement (Assets, Expenses, and YTD Profit). Use the Trial Balance to find items that are similar to the amount of the out-of-balance amount or about half the amount.

If half the amount is found, the account is set up incorrectly or the financial statement parameters require editing.


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