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Setup Incomplete

Autosoft -

If you receive a Setup Incomplete message when attempting to enter the Dealership Accounting module from the FLEX DMS main menu by clicking Accounting, follow these steps to remedy the situation:

Step 1. Click OK on the pop-up.

Step 2. You will be kicked out of FLEX DMS.

Step 3. Re-enter FLEX DMS.

Step 4. Click Settings & Utilities on the FLEX DMS main menu.

Step 5. Click Settings on the File Utilities & Settings menu. 

Step 6. On the Default tab, use the drop-down menu directly below Default Printer Setup to choose the printer that will be used by the machine you are working on. 

Step 7. Click Back to return to the File Utilities & Settings screen.

Step 8. Click Exit to return to the FLEX DMS main menu.

Step 9. Click Accounting to re-enter the Dealership Accounting module. 

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