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Pulling Service Customer Information to a Repair Order

Autosoft -

If your customer has multiple vehicles, such as a fleet of rental vehicles, the Name button on the Start Repair Order screen can be used to quickly and easily populate customer information for multiple vehicles/VINs.

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Repair Orders.

Step 2. Click Start Repair Order. The Start Repair Order screen will open. 


Step 3. Click the Names button at the bottom of the screen. The Search Customer screen will open. 


Step 4. Use the box on the left of the lower portion of the screen to search existing customers by the last 4 digits of the customer's phone number or by first 3 letters of the customer's last name.

Step 6. Select the customer from the search results by clicking on the customer. 

Step 7. Click OK. The customer's information will be transferred to the Start Repair Order screen.

Step 8. Continue to create the repair order for the vehicle, entering the VIN and other vehicle data. 


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