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13th Month Entries

Autosoft -

Step 1.  Click Accounting from the FLEX DMS main menu.

Step 2.  On the Dealership Accounting main menu, click Month-End.

Step 3.  Click Thirteenth Month Entries in the Month-End Procedures menu.

Step 4.  From the 13th Month Transactions menu, click Journal Entries.

Step 5.  Complete the journal entry using the 13th Month Journal Entries screen.

Step 6.  Click Save Transaction

Step 7.  Return to the 13th Month Transactions menu, and click Print Journals.

Step 8.  Click Post Journals to G/L on the same menu. 

Step 9.  Click Merge Beginning Balances.

Step 10. On the Merge Beginning Balances screen, verify that the correct account number populates the Retained Earnings field. If the correct amount appears in the field, hit ENTER

Step 11.  Click Merge Beginning Balances.

Note: You can click 13th Month Utilities on the 13th Month Transactions menu to see what was posted previously.
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