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Dirty Core Return

Autosoft -

Removing dirty cores from Parts Inventory

Step 1. Go to Parts Main menu

Step 2. Click Resupply & Returns

Step 3. Select Generate & Edit Return List

Step 4. Click Scan Inventory for Return List

Step 5. Choose Return Dirty Cores

Step 6. Select OK button to scan inventory

Step 7. Once list is generated exit to the Generate Stock Return screen

Step 8. List can be viewed or edited from this screen

Step 9. Once completed exit to the Returns screen 

Step 10. Click on Process Return List

Step 11. Select Convert Finished List into a Return Document by giving it a document number.

Step 12. Once generated click on Print Return document for a hard copy

Step 13. Exit to Returns screen 

Step 14. Select Relieve Inventory with Return

Step 15. Update Return to Inventory to remove items from Inventory.

Step 16. Enter the Return Document number 

Step 17. Enter the F/D in the box to complete to return process



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