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Adding a Wholesale Pricing Level Classification

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A classification is simply a letter from A to Z used to classify customer for wholesale pricing. These are user-defined classifications. You will enter a description for each classification so you can keep track of which letter represents each classification. When entering wholesale customers into the system, you will enter the corresponding customer classification. Common classifications include, but are not limited to:

  • D for Dealer,
  • E for Employee,
  • G for Government,
  • R for Retail, and
  • W for Wholesale. 

Ford dealers will need to create the following classifications for sales for the WINS report:

  • G for Government
  • X for Fleet
  • W for Wholesales
  • Y for Emergency.
Important:  For Ford only, if an X classification is used, the system is set to bill at trade or fleet pricing regardless of the values in the 1-4 fields. This applies to Ford only. For all other manufacturers, the system will price an X classification based on the values set.


Adding a New Classification

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, click Setup & Updates. The System Setup & Updates screen opens. 


Step 2. Click Wholesale Pricing Levels. The Pricing Levels screen opens.


Step 3. Type the letter for the customer classification you are creating.

Step 4. The system prompts you that you should notify the Accounting Department so posting parameters can be set in the Dealership Accounting module. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

Step 5. Use the Description field to type a description of the classification.

Step 6. Assign a Pricing Code to the classification. A list of pricing codes is displayed to the right of the Pricing Code field.

Step 7. If the classification uses discount pricing for counter sales and/or service sales, indicate how the discount should be taken in the Discount From List or Retail field (within the Counter Tickets and/or Service R/Os boxes). Type L to take the discount from the list price or R to take the discount from the retail price.

Step 8. Type the dollar ranges and percentages you want to use for the pricing levels.

Step 9. If you are a GM franchise, be sure to fill in the Cost-Plus for GSMP Parts field with the appropriate percentage.

Step 10. If you are using the Individual Part Matrix, type the percentages you want to use.

Step 11. Click Save to save the classification. The classification appears in a list on the right side of the screen.

Step 12. Continue to add classifications as needed. When you are finished, click Exit to return to the System Setup & Updates menu.

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