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Setting Parts Inventory Passwords

Autosoft -

The Passwords option on the System Setup & Updates screen is used to set passwords for each area of the Parts Inventory program. Passwords help you regulate who can enter certain areas of the program. If an area has an assigned password, users will be prompted to enter the password when they attempt to enter an area from the Parts Inventory menu. The password must be entered to open that area of the program.

Note:  You should use this feature only with assistance from Autosoft, Inc. For security reasons, this feature is password protected. Call the Autosoft Customer Success Center at 800.473.4630 to obtain the password.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, click Setup & Updates. The System Setup & Updates screen opens. 


Step 2. Click Passwords.

Step 3. You are prompted to enter a password. Type the password. The password must be entered to access the password feature.


The Passwords screen opens.

Step 4. For each part of the program listed, type the password you want to use for that area. If you do not want to use a password for an area, leave the default “NONE” in the field or type “NONE” to remove a currently assigned password.


Step 5. Click Save to save the changes. The system returns you to the System Setup & Updates menu.


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