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Understanding Parts Inventory Entry Screens

Autosoft -

Input screens consist of data fields that accept input or display previously entered data. Each field is labeled to indicate the data required for that field. The following is an example of an input screen.


It's important to note that some fields only accept specific information. For example, you can't enter alpha characters in a strictly numeric field, such as a date field or dollar amount field. Dollar amount fields do not accept two decimal points. It is a common error when entering dollar values to forget to include the decimal point. The system automatically adds .00 after whole dollar amounts. For example, if you type 5, the system will make the entry 5.00. If you type 500, the system makes the entry 500.00. If you type 5.00, the system leaves the value as it was entered. Always double-check the dollar values entered to ensure the amount is going to post correctly. 



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