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Dec. 2017 Tips & Tricks (Dec. 11, 2017)

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Accounting Tip: Year-End Materials Coming Soon

The 2017 Year-End Closing Manual will be released in December. This manual will guide you through closing your books and payroll for the year. When the manual is available, it will be posted in the newsfeed on the Autosoft DMS startup menu. Download it and read it fully before beginning your year-end closing process. 

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Setting Your Fiscal Year Operating Parameters 
Posting 13th Month Journal Entries to the General Ledger


Fixed Ops Tip: Using Parts Kits for Simplicity

Attn. Parts Department Managers:

Did you know Autosoft enables you to create numerous Parts Kits? While the parts kits are similar to pre-built lists you create on the Parts Queries screen, parts kits allow you to control the pricing for the kit and allow you to set a time frame for the kit usage. 

Use parts kits for customer pay and internal sales. You can create multiple parts kits that are used for the same service but set different pricing for each pay type as needed. At the time of sale, pull the corresponding pay-type kit to the document.

The parts kits you create here are available throughout the Parts Inventory module. You can pull parts kits directly to counter slips and repair orders from the Counter Sales and Service Sales screens. 

In addition, you can pull parts kits to the Parts Queries screen. Once pulled to the Parts Queries screen, you can “dump” the list to a counter slip, repair order, quote, or order queue. 

As always, use your F1 key to display the Help screens.


Creating a Counter Slip Message
Creating a Parts Quote


Sales and F&I Tip: Duplicate Deals to Save Time 

Autosoft has recently added a major time-saving feature in Sales and F&I! It’s the Duplicate Deal function, which allows you to copy an existing deal into a completely new deal with the click of a button. In fact, you can copy a deal into as many as 10 additional deals, which makes this feature perfect for fleet deals.

To access this functionality:

Step 1. Desk a deal, but DO NOT FINISH it. A buyer does not have to be selected prior to duplicating the deal. If you're copying the deal for fleet purposes, be sure to click the Fleet toggle in the left column of the Desking screen to flag the deal as a fleet deal.

Step 2. Click the Duplicate Deal button at the top of the screen.


Step 3. The Duplicate Deal modal will open. Click the blue + button to copy the deal. You can make up to 10 copies. 


Step 4. Select the vehicle for each copy using the Vehicle drop-down menu. By default, the source deal's vehicle will be selected for each duplicated deal. Using the same vehicle for every duplicated deal is permissible. You can also select a different vehicle for each duplicated deal or choose to clear the field. 

Step 5. By default, the Duplicate Buyer toggle will be in the "On" position (signified by a blue background). Clicking the toggle will move it to the "Off" position.

Step 6. By default, the Duplicate Trade toggle will be in the "Off" position (signified by a gray background). Click the toggle to "On" (blue background) if necessary. 

Step 7. Continue to add duplicates by repeating steps 3 through 6. When you're done, click Duplicate Deal.

Each duplicated deal will open in a new browser tab for easy access. The duplicated deals will contain identical information from the source deal. Once the deals are duplicated, there is no other tie to the source deal, and all deals can be changed independently. It’s that simple!

The duplicate deal function can also be used to build a deal “template” to support a specific promotion or deal setup that might occur often.

To set up a template deal, create a deal with the numbers you’d like to include on every future deal (such as a specific APR that you’re advertising, or rebate incentive). For easy reference later, name the template with a placeholder name in the Buyer field, such as “OCTOBER BLOWOUT PROMOTION.” Then, when a customer qualifies for the promotion, you can duplicate it with a few clicks and start customizing the deal from there.


Adding Trade Vehicle Images from the Trade Vehicle Modal
Creating a New Deal for a New Prospect


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