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Autosoft DMS Release 7.4.6 (Dec. 11, 2017)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft FLEX DMS 7.4.6 release contains an enhancement for Chrysler dealers and several minor enhancements and bug fixes.  


Rental VIN field added for Chrysler Warranty Repair Orders
Benefit:  This addition allows Chrysler dealers to comply with the DCXLC program's requirement for the full 17-digit rental vehicle VIN to be written in the "LoanerVIN" input field of all warranty, safety, and MOPAR claim submissions.
Detail:  Autosoft has added a Rental VIN field to the Chrysler Warranty interface to comply with Chrysler's DCXLC program requirements. Per the requirements, dealerships enrolled in the program must include the VIN of the loaner/rental vehicle used in a Chrysler warranty, safety, or MOPAR claim if one of the following special services is written in the claim: 95400140 Loaner-Competitive, 95400141 Loaner-Chrysler Standard, or 95400142 Loaner-Chrysler High Line.

The Rental VIN field can be found on the secondary Chrysler Warranty and Sublet screens. If you specify the number of Daily Rental Days (DRD) in the Sublet section of the Lubricant/Sublet screen (Service>Repair Orders>Close Lubricant-Sublet) and enter the rental vehicle VIN in the secondary Chrysler Warranty screen's Rental VIN field, the VIN will automatically write to the field in the sublet screen in the Chrysler Warranty interface. 



Other Changes


  • Adjustments have been made to prevent the Journal Entries menu from locking when an incorrect posting ID password is entered or the user clicks Cancel in the Operator ID box.
  • Updates ensure that any changes made to the controls in a vehicle sale's Ancillary Entries screen hold after saving the information and later revisiting the screen. 
  • Modifications have been made to ensure controls are included when printing a Detail Forward Schedule to Microsoft Excel.  
  • An issue has been resolved to ensure that a prior month's payroll document can be opened without issue. 
  • A change ensures that a zero will be added to the beginning of a check number with fewer than six characters when using the Edit Employee Pay Data feature in Payroll whether the user enters through the check number box or clicks out of it, allowing the record to be edited and deleted as necessary.
  • Updates have been made to ensure all 9 digits can be entered when creating a cash receipt in Journal Entries.
  • Adjustments ensure that clicking Yes to the Adjust Inventory warning that appears after an adjustment was made to the cost in a sales adjusting entry and not to inventory will return the user to the entry to make the adjustment. 
  • Changes have improved the operation of the Schedule button (F3) on the Post Part Sales screen for detail forward schedules.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure that the system will stop a user and offer to either cancel printing or use the next available check number if the Start With Check Number field entered for AP Batch Checks matches a check number that had already been processed, preventing check numbers from being reused.
  • An adjustment ensures that when generating all items due AP batch checks for vendors with discounts (using the Generate New List All Items Due option in the Batch Checks menu), the discounts balance.


  • An update ensures that discounts applied to repair orders for shop supplies are applied and calculated when the repair order is processed in Cashier.

Desk Manager

  • Adjustments ensure the Model Buttons show the correct number of units regardless of the order in which they are sorted.


  • Modifications have improved the performance of the Toyota DCS integration for Scion repair orders. 
  • Updates ensure that the CBG Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty and the Standard CBG CPO Maintenance Plan are included among the Applicable Warranties when performing the GM Investigate Vehicle History (IVH) in a repair order. 
  • An issue has been resolved to ensure that all lines of a service menu containing four lines populate the Complaint fields of the Enter Conditions screen when creating a repair order from an appointment. 
  • Adjustments ensure that hosted DMS users' redirected printer selections are performing correctly when printing in Dispatcher and ERO. 
  • Changes ensure that carry-overs can be rescheduled without issue.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure combinations of jobs added in Mitchell through Service Quoting transfer through ProDemand. 
  • An update has improved the functionality of the directional arrows on the Enter Complaint screen. 
  • An adjustment ensures that a user cannot change the assigned technician after a repair has been dispatched through ERO. 
  • A change has been made to ensure the customer presentation prints in its entirety when printed from the Review and Print page of a repair order.


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