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Oct. 2017 Tips & Tricks (Oct. 17, 2017)

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Accounting Tip: Adjusting Memo Sale Accounts

If you need to adjust your memo sale accounts, you can change them in two places:

Method One

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Setup.

Step 2. The System Setup menu will open. Select General Ledger.

Step 3. Click Account Data History.

Step 4. Use the General Ledger Account History screen to adjust memo sales. Type the sale account to be adjusted and adjust your count in the current month or previous month.


Method 2

Step 1. Open your Financial Statement.

Step 2. Open Statistical Data and make the change in the Edit G/L Memo Sale Counts.



Creating a Memo Account
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Fixed Ops Tip: Using Service Quoting

With Service Quoting, you can create a complete service quote, including labor, parts, and lubricants/sublets, instead of just an estimate.

The quote entry screens resemble the repair order entry screens, so you record the important information. When the customer brings the vehicle in for service, just dump the quote to a repair order. This rollover eliminates redundant entry, supplying the relevant information already recorded when you created the quote. 

Service Quoting is available from the Service Writing main menu and can be integrated with Mitchell ProDemand software.



Service Quotes (Webinar)
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Sales and F&I Tip: Setting User-Based Preferences

Did you know that Autosoft's Sales and F&I product allows you to set user-based preferences to customize certain elements of the system to each user? To set your preferences, click your profile link in the upper-right corner of any screen and select Preferences.


From there, you can establish these preferences:

Use Autosave: Select Yes to enable the system to save your work even when you don’t click Save. Selecting No will mean you must click Save before leaving screens to avoid losing changes.

Customer Search Filters: Select Yes to use filters on the customer search screen. Select No to use a simple search format. 

Default Vehicle Search: Select Quick Search to use a simple search field on the Vehicle Search screen or Advanced Search to default to the filtered search.

Sales Defaults: Use the Sales card's options menus to select user-level defaults for Deal TypeDefault Store (if you have multiple stores set up), and Sales Manager and Finance Manager.

Show Gross on Desking: Select Yes to display gross amounts by default on the Desking screen or Noto hide it.

Show Form Preview: Select Yes to automatically load the forms preview when you click a deal form or No to omit the preview.

Show Detail on Recap: Select Yes to automatically display deal details during recap or No to hide the deal details.

Default Form Type: Select Deal or Prospect to default the deal Forms page to the respective form type.


Note that these user-based preferences will override dealership defaults. If you have Retail set as the dealership deal type default but Cash as the user-level deal type default, the system will create new deals as cash for that user based on their user-level default.



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