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Autosoft DMS Release 7.4.5 (Oct. 23, 2017)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft FLEX DMS 7.4.5 release contains several minor enhancements and bug fixes.  


  • Adjustments have been made to ensure the customer name (not the RO number) appears in the Description field of repair orders posted to Accounts Receivable accounts for both detail forward and balance forward customers. 
  • Issues have been resolved to improve printing when using the Print Proof of Entry (All Entries) button on the Sales Journal Entries' Transactions screen (accessible from the Transaction List button) to print batch-posted entries. 
  • Updates ensure that sales tax reports (printed from the Print Sales Tax List option on the Sales Tax & Document List menu) are calculating taxes correctly by pulling credit balances only.
  • By created a new control (~FBPA), we've addressed an issue to ensure the ~FB thrown by resequencing schedules after a post-ahead item for a detail forward schedule goes out of balance is assigned to the post-ahead period where the out of balance exists.
  • An update has been made to Vehicle Sales History and Vehicle Sales – Sales Journal Entries when recap is printed to ensure that Warranty Backend is being calculated by Warranty Sale minus Warranty Cost; Warranty Payable, with or without sale and cost, is not being calculated towards the backend. 
  • Adjustments ensure the payment amount on a cash receipt defaults to the correct amount for Accounts Receivable customers who have a late fee and a post ahead balance when the Auto-Calc Late Charge Entry box is checked on the Receipts Journal Entries screen.
  • Modifications have been made to improve 1099 and 1096 printing. 
  • Changes have been made to the Check Register Print Reconciliation calculation when using a date. This ensures any adjustments for already reconciled checks and deposits dated after the date used to run the check reconciliation report are added into the Adjust line for checks/deposits after date totals. Additional updates ensure Adjust(net) General Journal entries posted after the reconciliation date are tallying and displaying correctly on the report. 


  • Adjustments prevent the schedule account from automatically reverting to the cash sales account after a user selects a schedule using the List button on the Cash Receipts' Customer Receipts screen, enters the cash/check/credit amount in the top portion, and advances to the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Changes ensure that the Late Fee field in the Trade Receivables Customer Information screen is updated to reflect when a payment against the late fee was made in Cashier Cash Receipts.

Dealer Principal

  • Updates have been made to ensure that the Month-End Analysis run for Parts in Dealer Principal matches the Month-End Analysis run in the Parts module.  
  • Adjustments have been made to ensure the Dealer Principal module's password settings work as designed. Leaving the Dealer Principal password field (Accounting>Utilities>Passwords> Miscellaneous Passwords) blank and typing "None" in the field have the same effect (no password required). 

Desk Manager

  • A modification to the Vehicle Information screen in this module ensures that the Deal Status field is read-only and cannot be altered in Desk Manager. 
  • An update has been made to Vehicle Sales History to ensure that Warranty Backend is being calculated by Warranty Sale minus Warranty Cost; Warranty Payable, with or without sale and cost, is not being calculated towards the backend. 


  • Updates ensure estimated time entered in the Estimated Labor Time field on the Enter Conditions screen displays properly in the Est. column in ERO Dispatch.


  • A modification has improved printing in Payroll. As part of this modification, the default printer will be used to print the list of Payroll checks. 
  • Changes ensure the Payroll and Department Totals Report displays the correct adjusted gross figure when a demo is involved.


  • Updates ensure that when a repair order is paid in cashier with multiple controls, the entry in Integrated Entries respects the payment breakdown.
  • Updates have been made to allow Nissan dealers to save NI (Nissan) as the MFC code in the Employee ID area of the System Setup's Technician Information (Service Technician option) screen. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure the Trouble/Condition Codes print correctly when printed from System Setup. 
  • Updates ensure that the date will no longer print on internal vehicle hardcopy repair orders.
  • Modifications allow service quotes to be started for vehicles with a VIN of fewer than 17 digits. 
  • Updates prevent repair orders' statuses from erroneously changing from "Open" to "Re-Close" after printing repair orders using option C (Print Customer Copy-All Repairs Remain Open) on the Review & Print screen. 
  • An issue has been resolved that was creating errors after using the search feature to find a customer's repair order history, printing the Accounting copy of a repair order, and then using the same search term a second time. 
  • Improvements ensure that discounts set up to include sublet and shop supplies are calculating correctly when applied to repair orders.
  • An update ensures discounts involving both taxable and non-taxable parts are properly applied to repair orders.
  • A Vehicle Color field has been added to printed prewrites. 
  • Error messages have been identified and addressed throughout Service repair operations. 
  • An issue was addressed to prevent an "Invalid Printer Name" error from occurring when selecting a redirected printer in the Dispatcher application. 
  • Modifications prevent modifications to existing appointments while the Schedule Service screen is open in the Service Schedule application. 
  • Adjustments have been made to limit read errors associated with performing various activities stemming from the Service Schedule application. 

System Wide

  • Adjustments have been made to minimize the occurrence of "Stop Working" errors and random ID errors. 


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