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Sept. 2017 Tips & Tricks (Sept. 20, 2017)

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Accounting Tip: Choosing Scheduled Account Items to Build a Journal Entry

When creating a journal entry for a scheduled account, you can choose items from the schedule to build the entry.

Step 1. While in the Control field of a scheduled account, click the Schedules button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 2. Choose the control you wish to affect by clicking the box on the left side of the screen. 

Step 3. Click Post Selected Items.

You will be returned to the Journal Entry screen, and the controls you chose will display as line items. With this feature, you can make multiple entries to the same account without manually creating each line.



Viewing the Schedule FasTrial
Viewing Detail for a Control in the Balance Retained Schedule


Fixed Ops Tip: Working with Parts Kits

The parts kits you create are available throughout the Parts Inventory module. You can pull parts kits directly to counter slips and repair orders from the Counter Sales and Service Sales screens. You can also pull parts kits to the Parts Queries screen.

Once pulled to the Parts Queries screen, you can “dump” the list to a counter slip, repair order, quote, or order queue.

You can create multiple parts kits that are used for the same service and set different pricing for each pay type as needed. At the time of sale, you would pull the kit based on whether the sale is customer pay or internal.

To create parts kits, access the Enter Parts Kits screen by clicking the Special Inventories option on the Parts Inventory main menu, followed by Parts Kits.



Parts Kits (Webinar)
Sorting the Active RO list


Sales and F&I Tip: Streamlining Inventory Syndication

The new Autosoft Sales and F&I is all about streamlining the processes you use most in your dealership, including pushing vehicles to your retail website. If you've set up your Autosoft System to integrate with a third-party website provider, you can control which vehicles are shared with the partner directly from Sales and F&I. You can do this with a few simple steps:

Step 1. Search for a vehicle in the Vehicle application of the new Autosoft Sales and F&I. Double-click the vehicle in the Vehicle Search results list to open the vehicle record. The vehicle record will open to the Overview page. 

Step 2. Scroll to the Dealer Details card.


Step 3. Click the Include in Exports field to open an options menu. 


Step 4. Select Yes to include the vehicle in data exports for inventory syndication third-party partners. Select No to omit the vehicle from these data exports. 

Step 5. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the screen to save the change to the vehicle record. 



Using the Vehicle Actions Menu
Exporting Vehicle Search Results




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