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Entering Pay/Deduction Descriptions

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Use the Pay/Deduction Descriptions option on the Payroll Setup menu to set up deduction information, such as the general ledger account and the tax rate table to use for each deduction. You must enter the deductions in the order they will be taken. Therefore, if the deduction is used to calculate adjusted gross, it must be entered before the deductions that will use that calculated adjusted gross figure.


Important:  The example screen above illustrates how you set up your payroll deductions if you do not have a 401K or cafeteria plan. If you have a 401K plan or cafeteria plan, your payroll setup will vary based on whether or not the state and local taxes recognize the plan as tax deferred. Refer to Appendix A for examples of how to set up the deductions if you participate in a 401K plan or cafeteria plan.

Step 1. Click Accounting on the Autosoft DMS startup menu.

Step 2. Select Payroll from the Dealership Accounting main menu. The Dealership Payroll menu opens.


Step 3. Click Setup on the Dealership Payroll menu. The Payroll Setup menu opens.


Step 4. From the Payroll Setup menu, click Pay/Deduction Descriptions. The Pay/Deduction Setup screen opens.

Step 5. Type the pay descriptions in the first column in the Pay Description The first four pay descriptions are hard coded and cannot be changed. Use the remaining 12 pay fields for Commission, Bonus, Holiday, Vacation, etc. You can have up to 16 pay descriptions.

Step 6. Type the deduction descriptions in the next two columns in the Deduction Description If you do not have a 401K or cafeteria, leave the first two fields blank and begin typing descriptions on line 03.

Step 7. Use the GC column to indicate what the deduction is based on. Type G for gross pay, A for adjusted gross, or C for cafeteria/pretax.

Step 8. Use the TD column to define the tax table to use for calculating taxes, if any. Type F for federal, S for state, A for auxiliary, or N for no table used. (You will set up you tax tables later in this chapter.)

Step 9. In the G/L Acct. column, type the general ledger account used to post each deduction.

Step 10. Use the SA, column to indicate if the general ledger account for the line is a scheduled account. If you type S for scheduled, the system will post to this account by line. If you type N for no, the system will post by totals to that account.

Step 11. Click Save to save the information. The system returns you to the Payroll Setup menu.


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