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Entering Payroll Setup

Autosoft -

Before you can use the Dealership Payroll feature, you must set the default parameters (standard deductions, tax rates, etc.) used to calculate payroll. The system automatically pulls the information you enter in the Payroll Setup when you enter and compile payroll, which saves you time and makes entering payroll easy.

Step 1. Click Accounting on the Autosoft DMS startup menu.

Step 2. Select Payroll from the Dealership Accounting main menu. The Dealership Payroll menu opens.


Step 3. Click Setup on the Dealership Payroll menu. The Payroll Setup menu opens.


Step 4. Click the button that corresponds to the parameters you want to enter. You should enter your pay descriptions and deductions before entering the miscellaneous parameters. Other than those two menu options, you can enter the remaining parameters in the order they appear on the menu.

Step 5. When you are finished entering all the setup information, click Exit to return to the Dealership Payroll main menu.


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