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Accessing Dealership Payroll

Autosoft -

You access the payroll module from the Dealership Accounting main menu. Only one user can be in Payroll at a time.

Step 1. Click Accounting on the Autosoft DMS startup menu.

Step 2. Click Payroll on the Dealership Accounting main menu. The Dealership Payroll menu opens.


When you need to post payroll, you will systematically work your way through the first five buttons on the Dealership Payroll menu. You must complete each step to ensure your payroll is accurate.

  1. Enter the employees’ payroll information.
  2. Enter/edit any deductions for the current payroll.
  3. Compile the payroll information.
  4. Print the payroll checks (and any copies necessary for your records).
  5. Update the payroll information to the general ledger.

The remaining menu options provide additional features that make payroll even easier. You can print payroll reports based on specific dates to obtain the information you need quickly. You have the option of printing the information to your printer or viewing the information on your screen.

The Times/Commissions option provides several features that help you track employees’ hours and sales commission. Employees can use time cards to manually track their hours so you can print the time cards and use them to input the employees’ pay. Other options allow you to automatically track, compile, and post time clock hours, technician flag time hours, and sales commission.

You use the maintenance feature to post adjustments to payroll files that you have already updated to the books. You will also use the maintenance at the end of the year to close out your payroll files and to print your W-2 forms. Again, the system does most of the work for you, and all you have to do is verify information.



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